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For stylist shear sharpening, select your service in our online store here.

If you are in need of grooming tool sharpening or veterinary instrument sharpening, select your service from the options below, print your form(s) and follow the instructions to complete the form and pay by credit card, check or money order.


Any requests or additional comments must be written on the form. (If you cannot print this form, please write all of the required information on any blank piece of paper.) 


Enclose your order form with credit card information or include check, money order, or cash.  Wrap your item in a protective package or envelope. 


If your shears came with a case, you can ship the shears to us in the case, and it will be returned to you. Alternately, you can use bubble wrap or paper towels to wrap around the shear for protection during shipping.


Quantities of at least 6 clipper blades without a clipper blade shipping box will be returned in a complimentary box.


If you have our Convenience Label, apply it to your package and simply give it to your mail carrier or local USPS office. The shipping charge will then be added to your final bill.

Otherwise ship your items to be sharpened to:

270 Alpine Dr.

Bigfork, Montana 59911


Call for support or questions:

Byron (406) 890-3906 or Denise (406) 531-7300.

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